Cyber Savvy Workshop

Thanks to everyone who attended out very first ever Cyber Savvy Masterclass hosted by Cherry Sorbet and the Oh My Blog Workshop.

Cate Sevilla led the afternoon with Cherry Sorbet’s Jo Gifford, and the event was attended by a fabulous range of PR’s, marketers, bloggers, stylists, and others.

With thanks to Ree Ree Rockette for the live tweet stream from the workshop and pics below. Check out the #CSOMB hashtag for more info on the event on Twitter.

More events are on the cards, watch this space!

See what they said:

“Loved the feel of the event – really collaborative and was great to meet like-minded folk. Venue great but maybe just a few too many squashed into one small space. Loving the team – personality, approach etc. Content and delivery good but maybe could have been a bit more structured into manageable chunks with breaks (or even break-out groups) throughout the session. Happy to give more feedback verbally!”

“It would be great if you did one for more advanced social media users. So one for PR’s who are already using the sites frequently, but want to advance further. Also more on how to approach bloggers and create better relationships.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. As a complete newcomer to the world of social media, it was great that you covered so much. I felt that I left with a really good foundation on which to build my social media plan. Thank you!”

“Loved the concept and organisation (catering was fab – might not be most people’s priority but for a permanently hungry PR lass like me, having tasty bite-sized grub is of paramount importance!) There was a lot of interaction from participants and questions asked which I found beneficial as it threw up some questions I hadn’t contemplated myself but which I know will be useful to relay to my clients The timing of the event also really suited me as not being based in London, I find there’s lots of courses and sessions that start too early in the morning for me to get to. Both Kate and Jo are very engaging and I loved how personable the event was. I wished I had arrived sooner as I think a 1/2 hour networking session with a meet and greet would have been really beneficial – there were a lot of lovely ladies with interesting jobs in the room Thanks for a great afternoon :)”

Loved the venue – very central and a lovely building. Travelling into London from Herts can take it’s time so for me i’d like to see nearer all day sessions – there was a lot to cram into that 4 hours! It would also be good to do it based on level of knoweledge, although this can be hard, as everyone was at different abilities…. Either way, thanks for a great day and I did learn a lot – so much so that you’ve inspired me to start my own personal blog!

“I loved the fact that Cate and Jo obviously knew so much about their subject, and were so sweet about explaining from the beginning to those of us who knew so little. I think it would have helped to maybe run different classes for people with different levels of ability – the other Claire and I would definitely have preferred a beginners’ class, but having said that, we both came away with masses of knowledge about the way social media works and the etiquette around it, even if we need to be shown the nuts and bolts of how to operate it. And we will be going back to Jo for her email course on that, so it really isn’t a big problem. Cate made the day entertaining, fun and humorous, without leaving out any of the important stuff. It was such a fascinating insight into a world I barely knew existed, let alone be a part of. Cate convinced me that I do need to be confident with social networking if I want my new venture to compete successfully. Thank you both for a great day. “

“Hi Jo, I would love to be part of another workshop. Although the Twitter and FB sections were a bit remedial for me, it was great to have a refresher and see the view point from those just starting out. I would love to attend a workshop that focused more on the blog aspect, but as an overall workshop, the CSOMB one was fab.”


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