Social media for social butterflies in beauty: e-course

Our new e course has launched!
This e course will cover the basic overview of working with social media in the beauty industry over the space of one month. Perfect for anyone working in the industry who needs to understand the basics of working with various forms of social media, how to get started, pitfalls and how to avoid them, and some handy hints and tips.

The course is delivered through emails and multi media with one section each week to work through in your own time and at your own pace. Additional study materials such as MP3’s, MP4’s and PDF’s enable the learner to make the most of time to gain extra knowledge. Personal correspondence to the team at Cherry Sorbet and feedback on action points are included in the cost.

Course outline:
Getting started in using Social Media, an overview
What can social media do?
Getting social:
Using Twitter, setting up an account and getting started
Using Facebook, get started
Using Linked In
You Tube and Vimeo for brand building
Trends in Social Media and beauty
Building a brand online
Etiquette in the online world
Making the most of your social media – useful tricks and applications to help you work smarter
Ning, Ping and a bit of Zing
Security and the social networks – how to play safe


Book your tickets here. early bird prices on sale NOW 🙂 xx


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